Ashton is a wife and mother of two girls. She and her family recently moved to Wisconsin from Los Angeles where she spent her twenties auditioning and acting in commercials, B horror movies (yes, she is that cliche) and teen comedy series for MTV. Her experience in front of the camera combined with her love of storytelling has deeply influenced her eye. Since becoming a mother and retiring from acting she merged into photography and found her true passion. She strives to create work that is alive, honest and observant with a focus on connection. She genuinely loves love and will be your biggest cheerleader on your wedding day. She loves Trader Joe’s, people who remember where they came from, art deco architecture, mid century modern furniture, tosa bungalows, wearing black, wearing white, putting Kerrygold butter on everything, watching people bake things on television, british racing green, photos that look like your memory, Uncle Buck, moody light, Tom Waits, The Boss, Brett Favre and Los Angeles despite her better efforts.