Hi, I’m Taber! Mom, wife, family manager, photography nerd, and former EMT.

I often hear people say, “how do you do it all?!” Honestly, most days I have no idea. My husband and I are a modern day Brady Bunch - I had 2, he had 2, then we had 2 - so we have SIX kids total ranging from ages 11 to 4. There are 5 wild, loving, amazing boys and 1 sweet, sassy, fantastic girl.

Outside of family life, my husband and I are former EMT’s. Combined, we contributed 17 years of service to the Milwaukee area, but as you may know, EMT work can be a back-breaking job. After I suffered a shoulder injury and went through surgery plus physical therapy, we found out that I wasn’t able to lift what I was required to in order to stay working on the streets anymore. So we both decided it was time to shift gears away from EMS and begin a new path in life. It was a crazy job sometimes and we have PLENTY of stories to prove it.

In the photography department, I have somewhat of a typical story. I started taking photos when I was 5 years old and fell in love at the first click of the camera. My mom always fiercely supported my passion and probably spent more than most parents do on getting all my pictures developed. I think she was incredibly thankful when digital cameras were finally invented!

Having a bunch of kids and going through several crazy life events didn’t slow me down much either, I’ve taken tons of classes, attended workshops, done lots of research, and practiced a TON. Even after all this time, I’m always working on improving and learning more.